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The Association of Licensed Guides for Lower Austria was founded in 2002.

It consists only of members that have absolved an intensive theoretical and practical training and passed the 3 extensive state examinations.

Besides through the official license one can recognize a certified austriaguide by the silver badge with the name of the guide.

The non-profit Association sees its purpose in aspiring the following goals:

  1. Preservation and promotion of high quality tourism through continuous education
  2. Securing future perspectives of the tourist guide business.
  3. Mediation, preservation and care of cultural assets in Austria
  4. Prevention of illegal practices or unfair competion .

Board members:

  • President: Mag. Petra Choc, Msc.
  • Vice President: Ing. Thomas Loucky
  • Treasurer: Mag. Andrea Maschke-Goldmann
  • Treasurer substitute: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Gerhardus
  • Secretary: Brigitte Kenscha-Mautner
  • Secretary substitute: Dr. Christine Triebnig-Löffler
  • Further education AGA: Mag. Monika Hauleitner

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